Welcome to Chateau Garage, a website by amateur winemakers dedicated to the amateur winemaker, drinker, taster, and buyer.  In other words, the fun associated with wine making, and consumption…all on an amateur level, of course!

Having a little fun, with wine, is a main reason for this site. The key word here is “fun.” Fun, as in no wine snobbery here. Some of the best advice we ever heard about enjoying wine is this:

“Pop the cork and lap it up!”

These are the words of Roy Brady, editor of Wine World magazine, from a 1973 interview with one of Chateau Garage’s wine makers as part of a college course at USC.

It was good advice then, and certainly holds true today.

May 25th, 2017

Chateau Garage Pulling the Cork on San Jose State Football Wine Tastings/Tailgates 

Fellow Tailgaters/Tasters,

The combination of factors such as San Jose State sticking with the no-glass of any sort policy, having to decant wine into plastic, any sort of a semi-serious tasting using plastic wine glasses, getting everyone to a central location, etc., etc. has put more than a damper on the entire wine tasting/tailgate experience at San Jose State and, as a result, the interest of our participants.

Consequently, after nearly 40 years of San Jose State tailgate parties and the last 15-20 years of San Jose State wine tasting tailgates, we are pulling the cork on Chateau Garage tailgating events at Spartan Stadium.

With that, I/we would like to thank everyone for their participation in Chateau Garage tasting tailgates over the years.  I’m sure we all have many fun memories of past tastings, that might even include the wine! (e.g. Klinker-Brick, Martin Ranch).  I know I/we have had a lot of fun at the tastings and getting to meet and know new friends over the years.

Thank you.