Meet the Winemakers

Links to bios:

Allan Colby
Jack & Carol Kelly
Jim Mehl
Marc Cohen
Sam Grinels
Tony Spica
Paul & Lois Lin
Rick Hoffmeister &
    Terrie Mui

We will be adding bios for each Winemaker so that you may learn more about our individual likes and dislikes when it comes to wine.  That way, you might identify one of us as having tastes similar to your own (or not!) and have that person become your vicarious tasting representative. For example, Marc isn’t a big fan of Petit Sirah whereas Sam is. Sam tends to grade on overall impression where Jim and Marc might use adjectives/phrases like “hint of cherry picked on the south side of the tree in an early morning mist,” or “tastes like old movie theater licorice” …yeah, right!