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On this page Marc Cohen will conduct experiments in transcendental obfuscation.  The topics and execution will change from time to time, so check back here to see what is going on.

First, if you have Flash installed, have a little fun with this file, which was my final project in a Flash course I took online from Foothill College.  It has a Chateau Garage theme, thereby being the sole reason for its posting here.  final_project

If you have a comment or suggestion about a future topic to present here, please leave a message below.  Thanks.


12/18/13 – Earlier this month I took some family to Napa for a quick tour, some of them never having been to California wine country.  One stop was the Sterling Winery which as you know has a gondola style lift up to a self-guided tour and the tasting room.  Views across the valley are impressive and thus it has always been a mainstay for exposing visitors to Napa Valley.  I’m not so sure anymore.  I was shocked at the price increases since my last visit:  The gondola now costs $29/head, and if you want to go into the tasting room for a sit-down taste, the tab jumps to $37/head.  That is a bit pricey in my book, but if you want to spend the money the tour and wines are good.

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