About Chateau Garage

Our Colorful History (or not)

Established in 1978 or 1979, Chateau Garage flourished in what was to become one of the world’s wine making areas, Los Altos, California. Strategically located just west of Alviso, south of San Francisco and northeast of famed Cannery Row, Chateau Garage was
destined to produce wines that are a true reflection of the area — renowned for their distinctive and unique characteristics, memorable for a variety of reasons.

Whatever your reason, we hope you enjoy your visit with Chateau Garage …and the one thing we have in common for sure (especially if you’ve read this far) … wine!

Legends in Our Own Time (ohhhhh yessss)

Of course the wines of Chateau Garage are a product of the wine makers art — the care, unbelievable attention and consummate skill of the wine making team.  Team members have truly become legends in their own time… all are listed in the prestigious “Who’s
Who?!!” directory of Truly Legendary Wine Makers. Mention any member’s name at an informed gathering of wine connoisseurs and a response is virtually assured. Try it at your next informed gathering.