2012/10/13 SJSU vs. Utah State – Merlot

Merlot Tasting

Instead of showing the points, I am going to show just the results as it is something of melded score as some folks left before the before the final wine was submitted for review.  Also, the 2000 BV from a private collection was “corked.”*

Place Letter Maker Appellation Price
1 F 2010 Decoy Sonoma County  $23
2 G 2008 Raymond Vineyards Napa Valley  $23
3 C 2007 Naumann Vineyards Santa Cruz Mountains  $26
4 H 2010 Vampire North Coast  $10
5 B 2009 Kendall-Jackson
Vintner’s Reserve
Sonoma County  $15
6 I 2007 Benziger Family Sonoma County  $18
7 E 2010 Francis Ford Coppola Director’s Cut Sonoma County  $26
8 A 2000 BV Coastal (private collection)
9 D 2005 Boeger Winery El Dorado  $16

*From Wikipedia: “Corked” wine containing TCA has a characteristic odor, variously described as resembling a moldy newspaper, wet dog, damp cloth, or damp basement.  Cork taint is a broad term referring to a wine fault characterized by a set of undesirable smells or tastes found in a bottle of wine, especially spoilage that can only be detected after bottling, aging and opening. Though modern studies have shown that other factors can also be responsible for taint – including wooden barrels, storage conditions and the transport of corks and wine – the cork stopper is normally considered to be responsible, and a wine found to be tainted on opening is said to be “corked” or “corky”. Cork taint can affect wines irrespective of price and quality level.