Like Marc Cohen, Sam Grinels is one of the original founders of Chateau Garage. Sam originally hails from Virginia…making the move to the San Francisco Bay Area on the tail end of the “summer of love.” He finished up college on the West coast (San Jose State and USC). He has a web design and marketing consulting business in Cupertino.  He also is part of the “Grateful Dads” band that plays about once a month at Mario’s Italian Restaurant in Mt. View.

Sam’s taste in whites tends to Pinot Grigios and Chardonnays that are crisp, with little or no wood and no  malolactic fermentation, and, for reds: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sryah (yes, even the ponderous Petite Syrah).  Favorites include St.  Francis Estate Merlot, and Freemark Abbey’s Sycamore Vineyard Cab to name a few.

On the tasting side, Sam particularly enjoys finding great wines at “reasonable” prices (about $15-$20/bottle).  This year’s red blend tasting at the San Jose State vs. Stanford game garnered a few that met Sam’s criteria (tasting results here).

Photo below:  Sam at the recent USC-Stanford football game tailgate featuring a Zinfandel wine tasting (tasting results here).  Note the Chateau Garage banner hanging on the tree in the background.


Sam — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Sam, we are glad to see that you will once again be tailgating in the same area at Stanford in 2013, where we first ran into your wonderful group a few years ago.
    Since the tasting is limited to wines from the local appellations, is the under $20 still applicable?
    We are having a little remembrance at our Sac State tailgate(Space J4) for Gary Graul tomorrow. He sadly passed away 5 months ago. He has not missed an SJSU game, home or away, in over 30 years. Bye for now, John Hopkirk & Anne Murphy

  2. Sam,

    I can secure a dedicated tailgate area on the side of 10th street from the track parking area for the Chateau Garage Tailgate. The problem is there is no general parking near there. Most participants would have to walk across the street from the track area. Would this be helpful or will should we stick with the Palm Trees in the dirt lot?


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